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About Us

Spaco Iranian Company

Sepaco Food Industries has planned to supply high quality food products to domestic market and has established strong connections with well-known European companies such as Vita pharmed SA. (Switzerland), Startingline (Italy) and Powermints (Germany) to import finished food commodities and raw materials to meet local demands. Sepaco is under license manufacturer and supplier of sugar free chewing gum, Sugar free mouth freshener, Cold candy (Lozenges), functional chewing gums, functional candies, and etc.


Are Notsore products are under license of Vitapharmed SA?

Vita Pharmed is one of the biggest European manufacturer of Pharmaceutical, Food and Food supplements in Switzerland and all Notsore products are produced under license of this company.

What is Tooth Friendly certificate?

ToothFriendly label, is a signpost for Toothfriendly products and services, worldwide and stands for Toothfriendly quality according to clearly specified, demonstrable criteria. You can check Notsore in this link (

Are Notsore products sugar free?

Most of Notsore products including mouth freshener tablets, chewing gums and some cold candies are sugar free and have sugar replacers in the formula. All used sugar replacers are FDA approved and harmless for diabetic and health-care consumers.

What products are in Notsore brand?

Notsore brand’s basket contains mouth freshener, cold candy and chewing gum currently. There are different under development products including functional foods with innovative formulas under brand of Notsore & Notsore +

Why us?

Healthy products

Take care of yourself

Flavor diversity

Flavors you have never experienced!

Long lasting flavors

Long time enjoy

Approved by ToothFriendly associations in Switzerland

Your mouth and tooth friend


Gumvit is brand of functional chewing gums such as Multivitamins, NRT and caffeine sugar free chewing gums.

Gum Vit

Notsore Plus includes a wide range of functional, fortified, healthy products under license of Vita Pharmed in Switzerland.

Notsore +

Notsore products are produced under license of Vita Pharmed SA in Switzerland and consists Mouth fresheners, Sugar free chewing gum and Cold candy in different flavors and packaging.




New flavors and functional chewing gums

New exciting and innovative flavors & functional chewing gums are coming soon…

Notsore +

  • Activated carbon chewing gum
  • Extra Xylitol Chewing gum
  • Energy Gum
  • Think Gum

Activated Carbon Chewing gum

Activated carbon sugar free chewing gum is one of the newest and innovative products under brand of Notsore + which contains Xylitol and active charcoal to freshen, disinfectant mouth and bleach teeth. This product is tooth friendly approved and harmless for you.